GHOST Concealed Sliding Door System

The slide system is built into the door, making it completely invisible whether the door is closed or open. The mechanism is available in either a wall-mounted or a floor-mounted version.

The supplied kit included everything required to make the sliding system - all you need to do is the door of your choice.

Technical information:

Minimum door thickness mm 40, max weight capacity kg 50 (for greater weights floor adjustable wheels must be used to support the door. These are sold separatley - for more information please contact sales)

Minimum Door Widths:

880mm Slide - 914mm Door Width
980mm Slide - 1014mm Door Width
1080mm Slide - 1114mm Door Width

880mm Slide Despatched in approx. 5-10 days (404108807814)
980mm Slide Despatched in approx. 5-10 days (404109807814)
1080mm Slide Despatched in approx. 5-10 days (404110807814)

** Typically 5-10 days provided no stock issues at factory **

£ each £ total

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Hi. I'm in Australia and want to install 2 ghost sliding doors. I understand the door width. But when I purchase the doors, what depth does the door have to be? And is it best to use a solid or lighter door. Also is it easy to install ? Thank you Helen

Hi Helen, Thanks for the FAQ. The door needs to be a minimum of 40mm in thickness , no maximum offically listed but i suppose going to thick might be too heavy / awkward to work with. With regards to the material I think itís better to have a lighter door (under 50kgs in weight) as this allows the door to "float" above the floor with no support underneath. Heavier doors can be used but for this you need floor adjustable wheels for the underside (which are sold separatley on request). As with all of our products like this we reccomend they are installed by a professional tradesperson. The box will include full installation instructions and the video on the website shows an overview of the process which should help the person installing. I hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions. Many thanks, Christian @ BOX15